Cortexi Ingredients

20 extracts that can aid in the removal of toxins from the body and the prevention of nerve dysfunction are combined in a homogeneous proportion to make the product.

The primary substances utilized in the mixture, as well as the benefits, are discussed in this Cortexi Review.

Every Cortexi Capsule Contains These Ingredients:

Green Tea: Improves blood flow to the ears

Grape Seed: Antioxidants protect the ear

Gymnema Sylvestre:Supports hearing

Capsicum Annuum: Supports healthy inflammation

Panax Ginseng: Neuroprotective properties

Astragalus:Supports clear sounds.

Chromium Picolinate:Supports auditory health.

Maca Root: Boosts Your Energy

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Cortexi 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Cortexi comes with 60 day money-back guarantee, If You're not satisfy with your results within 60 days from your purchase then you can simply ask for refund. And within 24 hours you'll get your money back that you invested here in Cortexi for your health. So, It completely risk-free to purchase Cortexi.